There's a good article on Model Mayhem entitled "To Trade Or Not To Trade". The author gives a number of questions that she recommends models ask before booking a shoot, and while the article focuses on trade shoots, most of the questions apply equally to paid shoots. You can read the article at the link above - here are some of my answers to those questions. If you have any other queries please reach out to me.
You can see my full verified credits on Model Mayhem. Below are a few highlights. If you're still not convinced, why not reach out to the many models I've worked with on Instagram; I'm sure that most - if not all - of them will have good things to say.

David was amazing. Every obstacle that could come up managed to, and it easily could have been the worst shoot of my life, but David handled it all with grace and charm and the images were spectacular. If you're going to work with a bay area photographer, I cannot recommend David enough - Angel Cross
Dave was very professional. He responds to every email, direct message, and text. His passion for photography shows in his amazing shots. He respects your boundaries and is flexible with location shoots and concept ideas. I would recommend him to any aspiring or professional model looking to build a beautiful portfolio. - Mimi Frisco
Dave did a photoshoot for my family--he's great with kids! He's funny, friendly, and professional. What I appreciated most was his quick turnaround for providing edited photos. I highly recommend him. - _Kay C
Had a fantastic shoot with Dave when I visited SF from the UK. He was professional, friendly, kind and creative. We went to multiple locations and had lots of fun shooting. We got some great results, I could not be happier. Highly recommended. Thanks Dave - PurplePrincess
Dave was so flexible and accommodating . He was open to my ideas and captured me very well. I was very pleased with his style. I felt at home with him making it easy to capture exactly what we both had in mind. Thank you Dave! - FrancescaY
I have a number of ‘mood boards’ at feel free to look them over and see if any of them interest you. If you have a particular look or concept in mind then let me know and we can discuss it. I’m always keen on new ideas.
I’m happy to work with models at all levels of experience. If I haven’t worked with you before I prefer to do the first shoot as an unpaid test. I’m happy to chauffeur you if you require, or to cover reasonable travel expenses. 
You’re welcome to bring a friend or relative along to the shoot; if you are under age 18 then I’d strongly recommend it. They are welcome to watch, particularly if they are prepared to help carry equipment, hold reflectors, etc.
Shoot Duration
A typical shoot lasts around two hours. If we are expecting it to last longer than that then we will discuss that beforehand. If you want to stop earlier or keep going then I’m usually flexible.
Regardless of whether it is a paid or trade shoot you will get access to all the unretouched proofs online, normally within 24 hours. I don't agree with making you wait to see the results. I might delete shots that are obviously bad, but you'll get to see every shot that was taken.
You're entitled to receive a reasonable number (typically around 20) of retouched images of your choice, within a reasonable timeframe. Generally that means within a week of my receiving your selections; if for any reason it’s likely to be longer than that you will be kept up to date.
I will endeavor to accommodate specific editing requests. Some models prefer minimal retouching, others like the airbrushed look. Let me know if you have preferences.
It shouldn’t need to be said, but I respect your boundaries. 
I will never touch you in any way without your permission.
If you’re not comfortable with any theme, shot, pose, etc. let me know and I won’t ask you twice. 
Another thing that should go without saying is that we are each responsible for our personal safety and our belongings. Neither of us will hold the other liable or responsible for any accidents, injuries, losses etc. 

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